We are a teaching ministry founded by Alfred Brown a prophetic messenger of God. As a small child Alfred heard his name being called out from heaven and was taken up into heaven by two angels. At a later time Jesus spoke with him face to face in a vision on earth saying "take this witness into all my churches incluiding the Roman Catholic Church and also the children of Israel". Since that day God the Father has given him understanding pertaining to the Word of God, the Kingdom of God, the inheritance of the saints and the times we are living in. Alfred reveals the end of the world, what heaven is like, opens bible prophecy,teaches the Word of God, reveals secrets from heaven, shows the times we are living in, the destruction of the earth by fire, angels, the Holy Ghost, the restoration of the true church of the Lord Jesus Christ and how you can make heaven your eternal home.    
 On our site are  a collection of CD`s recorded by Alfred,  a series of videos and two books  which will bring comfort and peace to your hearts as you believe.
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